Wordless Wednesday Revealed: BMW Edition – New BMW i8

A few weeks ago, we left you with this image:

BWM i8 Wordless Wednesdays

This is an image of the interior of the BMW i8, one of the new cars featured during BMW’s revolutionary i brand advertising campaign which was launched during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last Thursday and will run throughout NBC’s broadcast of Sochi 2014.

BMW i8

Just what is it that makes the BMW i8 so special? Not only is it the first ever plug-in hybrid sports car, but it gets up to 94 MPG and it can reach speeds of up to 155 mph.*

Not enough? This car also is the first of its kind to have LED headlamps featuring new laser light technology which enables the car to increase energy efficiency by 30% while still projecting its light up to 600 meters.

While we could go on and on about how amazing this new BMW car is, we think you should just check out the video for yourself.



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